Family Therapists and Relationship Counselors

images (1)Our passion is helping those who are facing difficulties within their family relationships or marriage, with their love relationships or their compatibility .We help them set goals and overcome difficulties that are preventing them from achieving the happiness their family deserves.

Family Therapy and Relationship Counseling helps revive the love, affection, respect, responsibility and passion towards one another.

Do you and your partner seem to be irritated often .Do you argue about the same issues over and over again? It is possible  your relationship  has  not been as passionate as ,when it had started .Do you always believe  if  you need  to use  some  professional  help?

Family and marital relationships over a time tend to wane and may not remain as exciting forever.  All relationships , involve a great deal of hard work more so when   you are  planning to get married, married young couple , planning kids , couple with kids or  couples in the process of settling the children or planning retirement or even separation.. Many of us believe that we can deal with whatever happens in our   family, to our relationships without anyone else’s help. Sometimes we can do this on our own without any external intervention .But   it helps to have someone with professional expertise caring to speak with who can remain objective. Our desire is to help people strengthen their relationships with the help of our professional family therapy and relationship counseling services. We can help you get your marriage and relationship back on track no matter what stage it is at!

35127-dating-couple-1200We provide family therapy and relationship counseling services for individuals and couples to help them revive their mutual love, affection, understanding, trust and many other relationship goals, whatever they may be. Our professionally trained family therapy counseling, advice and superb mediation skills have helped many families, men; women and couples overcome their differences and regain happiness in their relationship. The results of our family therapy and relationship counseling services have been able to bring about quite positive results depending on each person or couple’s objectives, but here are some outcomes that are quite common:

  • Overcoming of obstacles that are adversely interfering with a   family relationship / marriage
  • Establishment of Better communication skills for both parties involved
  • Overall satisfactory resolution of  tension & conflict
  • establishing better couples  relationship satisfaction and fulfillment of  a dream family relationships
  • A much stronger & healthier  family
  • Ideally,  family therapy ,couples’  relationship and marriage counselling is done in-person,  but in cases where meeting in-person is not feasible, online video conferencing can be used to conduct each  family therapy and marriage relationship counseling  session.
  • The therapy approach used is discussed and mutually agreed upon by us and our clients.   Generally the family therapy   starts with a relationship assessment, which helps to identify conflict areas in need of resolution and then work out for the building up of the strength and growth within the family relationships or marriage.
  • Whether you have been married for a long time or you are  in a short or long-term relationship,  are in the process of a separation or divorce, or are looking for  advice and support to reestablish love , we  can help you overcome your relationship issues and strive towards better understanding !
  • We look forward to helping you, your family, and your partner find and rekindle the love, affection, effective communication, and mutual respect you so desire.
  • Confidentiality: our counselors / staff will operate with complete trust and confidentiality. The details of all results/ findings are not divulged to any other person except to the counselee.
  • Counselling for Family Problems   
    We offer specially designed family counseling services for families facing numerous challenges. Families face issues such as fast changing life styles, managing the generation gap, maladjustments, communication gap between members of family and many other day to day problems of modern life. Parents have to deal with children’s issues, their school adjustment, learning problems, adolescent peer group problem and general parenting issues, and of course day to day blending and adjustments of senior age group with all family members. We offer our help in dealing with all these problems with our specially designed counseling and psychological advice sessions.We have specifically designed program to deal with:

    • Behavioral issues practically associated with home include insomnia,  nightmares,  sleepwalking and sleep talking , grinding of teeth,  thumb sucking,  nail biting,  temper tantrums, breath holding, disobedience, arrogance,  stubbornness, incompatibility with parents and sibling,  difficulty in making friends, undesirable companions etc. etc.Maladjusted behaviors associated with home and neighborhoods include lying, swearing, cantankerous attitude, destructive attitude, incorrigibility, bullying, teasing, cruelty etc.Serious problems related with social adjustment e.g., delinquencies such as robbery, truancy,  delinquency, begging, gambling, cruelty, homicide and suicide.Personality problems that include  aggressiveness, excessive submissiveness or withdrawing behavior such as inferiority feeling,    exclusiveness, shyness, hypersensitivity, self centeredness, conceit, jealousy, day-dreaming, anxiety, absentmindedness, slyness, suspiciousness, feeling of being persecuted and many others .

      Marriage counselling Service   

    • Family Therapy India  offers specially designed counseling and advise  services to its clients on marriage and issues arising out of marital relationships.  Our marriage counseling service program helps our clients deal with issues such as relationship problems, illness, infidelity, excessive anger, substance abuse, abnormal physical or mental conditions, cultural issues, financial issues, unemployment, blended families communication problems, conflicts about child rearing, changing roles such as retirement, and so on. The efforts are to remove or reduce distress in marriage relationships. Strained marital relationship, if overlooked, can worsen.  The stresses of failed marital relationships eventually lead to physical or psychological problems such as depression. We  offer counseling to individual spouse or to the couple jointly. Our counseling sessions can prove of immense help in resolving issues and heal wounds. Strained marital relationship can also create problems on the job and affect family members and children, or even friends, as people feel compelled to take sides. Therefore, it is only advisable that partners in marriage share their agonies and anxieties with our expert psychologists and seek their assistance and counseling.Our experts offer solution to following challenges that are regularly encountered by families  :
      • Women’s issues
      • Parenting issues
        • Body image issues
        • Depression
        • Anxiety
        • Domestic Violence Survival
        • Issues with food and eating habits
        • Stress
        • Grief and loss
        • Relationship difficulties
        • Self mediation
        • Low Self esteem
        • High Self esteem
        • Coping with pet loss
        • Health-Related issues
        • Inferiority complex
        • Overestimation
        • Underestimation
        • High Ego Problem; etc.
        • Men’s issues
      • Work issues
      • Depression
      • Relationship Difficulties
      • Grief and Loss Issues
      • Anxiety
      • Parenting Issues
      • Health related Issues
      • High Ego Problem
      • High Self esteem
      • Inferiority complex
      • Overestimation
      • Underestimation
      • High Ego Problem; etc.

      Marriage counseling encourages couples or partners for joint therapy sessions. The counselor helps couples pinpoint and understand the roots of their conflicts and tries to resolve them .The couple is advised to analyze both the negative and positive aspects of their relationship. The Marriage Counselor remains totally impartial and endeavors to teach them the skills to solidify relationship.  The exercise involves open communication, an effort to solve problems together and discussing differences rationally. The counseling sessions may however not be very easy always. Discussing your problems with the counselor may again pose certain uneasiness as you and your partner will be carrying with you the unpleasantness of the past and the suppressed anger, your agonies and sorrows. But you will certainly very soon realize that coming for counseling was undoubtedly a right step in the right direction.   In certain cases involving mental illness or substance abuse, the counselor may associate himself with the other health care professionals who may be working on your case to be able to provide best of counseling. As you go through the marriage counseling, you will be able to note and experience the rising level of your capacity to cope up with the differences and healthier relationship.

        • We   provide special valuable service in the field of adult and adolescent behavioral problems and their emotional difficulties.  We treat every Individual case within the family relationship. A psychological analysis of family structure and other factors of the concerned counselee  helps the counselor find out  the cause of the problems .our psychologists will then  design special need based  plan for individual’s problem resolutions. Constructive suggestion by the counseling and administering of proper exercises to channelize excess emotion and energy can be of great. Social mixing is considered important for psychological well being at this level.
        • Family counselling services   

As parents we always feel that we are truly concerned with the development of our children. We give adequate, time, money and facilities to them. But many a parents find it difficult to get connected with their children on account of many reasons as elicited below:
1. Parents are too busy handling their own business, office, career and mutual adjustment problems
2. They have different perception of their child as compared to the real personality of the child
3. Parents Set up unrealistic standards for the child
4. Parents do not show such ambitions in their personal life
5. Habitual comparison of child with other family members/outsiders
6. Not trusting the child with responsibility
7. Putting too much responsibility on child
8. Overtly strict/lax or erratic parental behavior
9. Overindulgence by either of the parents
10. Indifference/ hostility towards the child by either of the parents
11. Lack of cohesiveness, unity and family spirit at home
12. Lack of understanding between husband and wife
13. Erratic parental behavior
14. Neighborly influence not in congruence with the parents
15. Use of personal anger on child
16. Use of corporal punishment by either parent/both parents
17. Effect and influence of bad company
18. Feeling of inadequate love and affection towards the child
19. Imposition of personal inadequacies/non achievements/non realized dreams on the child
20. Unable to set up personal ethical/moral/competitive/developmental standards

Ø A complete analytical counseling session with our counselors and psychologists will help establish
• an understanding between the parent and the child
• reestablish love and affection
• mutual understanding on standards of behavior
• Family reorientation towards child’s future development
• Respect and admiration towards the parents in child’s mind
• Healthy attitude towards family values and social culture
• Commonality of goals for the family

Counselling for Adults and Adolescents Services

The social expectation of doing everything for profit, and doing it better than the next individual leaves its deep impact on the psychology of the adults and adolescents in the families. The youngsters suffer and the suffering gets exhibited in the shape of behavioral problems.

The behavioral problems amongst adults and adolescents may arise owing to some of the following reasons:-

        • Bereavement in the family

        • Depression
        • Domestic Violence
        • Marital maladjustments
        • Substance Abuse

        • Lack of interest in physical and  manual work

        • Lack of inadequate facilities for work, leisure  or study
        • Adjustment to emotional problems within the society
        • Vocational  and professional mal-adjustment
        • Perception of inadequate  security and freedom
      • Counselling for special children servicesWe have specifically designed counseling service for Special Children.  It is our endeavor to help specially challenged children cope up with their mental challenges, by way of counseling alone. We do not have any or profess to provide any kind of physical rehabilitation services to these special children.
        • Physically Handicapped Children
        • Visually Handicapped
        • Children with specific health problems
        • Learning Disabled Children
        • Habitual Slow Learners
        • Handicapped Slow Learners
        • Less-able Slow Learners
        • Emotionally Problematic Children
        • Gifted Children
        • Creative Children
        • Intellectually Superior Children
        • Children with ASD
        • Counselling for Senior Citizens of societyWe  handle and alleviate psychological problems of people in the senior age group with the required amount of empathy and concern. Our expert counselors will help the senior citizens in their managing of the relationship problems; coping up with Illness, managing to control anger, sorting out communication problems, age related physical or mental conditions, generation gap and cultural clashes, communication problems in multicultural families, sexual difficulties, personal and family conflicts, stress on account of changing role, Depression and other age related psychological and behavioral problems.

          Problems of adjustment:

        • We help the senior citizens Handle problems related to family and   home, insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking and sleep talking, Maladjusted behaviors associated with home, and neighborhoods include lying swearing. fighting, destructiveness, incorrigibility, bullying, testing, cruelty etc.
        • We  help and counsel them cope up with  serious problems related to social adjustment, delinquencies such as stealing, truancy, begging, gambling, cruelty, homicide and suicide.

          Our experts counsel and psychologically advise the seniors to sort out their Personality problems including aggressiveness, submissiveness or withdrawing behavior such as inferiority complex, exclusiveness, shyness, hypersensitivity, self-centeredness, conceit, jealousy, day-dreaming, anxiety absentmindedness, secretiveness, suspiciousness and feeling of being persecuted and many more.

        • Any families’ suffering on account of any of the above serious problems is welcome to consult our counselors for psychological remedial  advice.
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